How do I book an MRI in Edmonton?

Our MRI booking staff are specially trained to determine which scanner is best for your exam. When your request arrives, our booking staff will consult with our radiologists to ensure the correct protocol and scanner are selected for your appointment.

Before your exam, the supervising radiologist will review your requisition and patient history again to ensure you are booked on the correct machine.

Once your MRI scan is finished, the supervising MRI radiologist will review the images and complete a detailed report. This report is transcribed and sent to your practitioner right away.

Typically, your healthcare practitioner will receive the report in one business day. If they have any questions or concerns, they can contact our team of radiologists directly. This includes the supervising radiologist who originally reported your MRI scan, ensuring your practitioner has an opportunity to discuss the report in an expedited manner.



The waitlist for a public MRI performed inside a hospital can vary from weeks to months to over a year, depending on triage situations. The waitlists for private MRIs performed outside the hospital at a clinic like MIC Medical Imaging are usually only a few days. Most often, a patient can book an MRI appointment for the next day.
Alberta Health Care will cover the cost of an MRI exam if a patient is willing to wait and have their scan performed in a hospital (known as a public MRI). MRIs performed outside of a hospital are not covered by Alberta Health Care insurance and must be paid for out of pocket.
No. To have an MRI in Alberta, you must have a referral from a physician or general practitioner.
Generally, MRI requires very little preparation. You must remove anything containing metal such as jewelry, piercings, dentures, or hearing aids. Our team will provide you with a gown or scrubs to change into. Some types of clothing with sweat-wicking, odour absorbing, or metallic properties, like homemade medical masks or lululemon pants, can heat up during the scan and cause burns. Before your exam, please inform our MRI technologist if you have leggings, underwear, or socks with these properties.
The cost for an MRI is $850 at MIC Medical Imaging. If you need contrast, the exam will cost $1,000 ($850 +$150). Our radiologist will determine the need for contrast at the time of the exam.
There is a very low risk of side effects and allergic reactions to MRI contrast dye, administered intravenously. If you have had a negative experience or are concerned about a specific reaction, talk to our technologist before your exam.
MRIs are completely painless. Some patients may experience discomfort from the intravenous injection of a contrast agent or from having to lie still for an extended period (20 minutes on average). Our MRI technologists will review the procedure before your exam to ensure you will be as comfortable as possible.
Yes. MRI scans use a magnetic field instead of ionizing radiation to capture images. Therefore, this procedure is safe for pregnant women. However, to err on the side of caution, MIC recommends that you wait until you are no longer pregnant before you get an MRI. This precaution is to adhere to ALARA principles and ensure that the benefit of any diagnostic exam outweighs any theoretical risks.
The signature sound you hear during an MRI is from vibrating coils inside the scanner. These coils receive electrical pulses to generate a strong magnetic field. To help patients cope with the noise, we will provide earplugs and special headphones for the exam.
All of the MRI scanners at MIC are wide bore scanners. Many of our claustrophobic patients do much better on our 1.5T Espree scanner at our Century Park location due to the wide bore and a shorter length of this scanner. If you are still concerned about experiencing claustrophobia, talk to your healthcare practitioner before booking your exam. They may prescribe a mild sedative to help you relax during the scan. Patients who use a sedative for their exam should arrange to have a driver present after their appointment.