Cardiac Studies Exam Prep

Find out when you book

What are Cardiac Studies?

At MIC, we use the term Cardiac Studies to describe all of the medical imaging procedures we offer to help practitioners assess your heart health. Your practitioner may order one of these tests to:

  • Look for early signs of a heart condition or heart disease
  • Assess the effects of a heart attack
  • Find the cause of chest pain
  • Examine the structure and function of the heart and heart valves
  • Detect coronary artery disease

MIC offers a range of cardiac medical imaging procedures which help identify warning signs and can be used together to give practitioners and patients a complete picture of the heart and arteries. This information is a vital part of preventing heart disease, reducing risk factors and managing conditions before they become life-threatening.


What to expect

  • MIC’s Cardiac Studies include a number of different procedures, each with its own set of preparation instructions.
  • When you book your appointment, one of our Central Booking agents will go over all of the instructions for your test in detail.
  • At MIC, we understand that coming in for a heart assessment can be stressful. Our promise is that we will do our best to make you feel comfortable during your appointment.
  • A physician will be involved in our cardiac studies that involve exercising on a treadmill.
  • We will also do our best to have a complete report to your practitioner within 24 hours.