Medically reviewed by Dr. Rohan Parab, M.D,  FRCPC (Diagnostic Radiology), FRCPC (Interventional Radiology)

What is VenasealTM?

VenasealTM is a relatively new and minimally invasive method for treating varicose veins without the need for surgery. Cyanoacrylate adhesive is used to permanently seal or close diseased veins, re-routing blood through nearby healthy veins.

VenasealTM Procedure Details

  • Patients are given a gown to change into. The first step in the procedure is to map out the vein of interest with ultrasound imaging.
  • Once the veins are mapped, patients are positioned on the exam table, and the area of interest is prepared (sterilized and isolated with drapes).
  • The injection site is frozen with a local anesthetic, and a needle is placed through the skin into the vein. On rare occasions, a small incision is made.
  • A guidewire is placed through the needle into the vein. Patients may feel the wire, but it will not be painful.
  • A sheath is placed over the guidewire, and ultrasound imaging is used to confirm positioning.
  • Next, the VenasealTM catheter is placed into the sheath. Once the position of the catheter is established, the adhesive is deposited.
  • A sterile strip is applied after the catheter is removed.
  • Finally, a compression stocking is positioned, and patients are encouraged to walk around for five minutes to help with circulation.

VenasealTM Recovery

This procedure results in no to minimal after-procedure pain, has a quick recovery period, leaves minimal to no scarring, and can provide almost immediate relief from your symptoms.

Occasionally, mild to moderate pain can persist for 2-4 weeks along the glued vein. This discomfort can be managed with a combination of light walking, leg elevation, and, if needed, anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen.

Patients may also experience inflammation along the inner thigh in line with the treated vein. Again, this can be managed with anti-inflammatories and compression stockings.

Published scientific studies show that VenasealTM has a 95% success rate at three months with excellent long-term results (Morrison et al., 2020).

VenasealTM Costs

VenasealTMtreatment provided by MIC is not covered by Alberta Health Care. This procedure costs $2,800 for one leg or $5,000 for both legs.

Return Visits and Post Procedure Timeline

We will perform an ultrasound seven to ten days later to rule out any post-procedure complications such as deep vein thrombosis. These complications are extremely rare.

After your return visit, you can return to all activities, including vigorous exercise, one-week post-procedure.

After 12-14 weeks, your doctor will re-assess your veins using ultrasound to ensure treatment success. 

Additional Details

  • The VenasealTM procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes, however, please plan to be at the clinic for 2 hours.
  • Patients must arrange for transportation after their procedure.
  • Please avoid alcohol and caffeine-based products before the procedure.